Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mary Kay Loose Eyeshadow Review

I don't normally buy Mary Kay products.  For one, I can't afford them and for another thing, most things I've tried from their line I'm not a fan of.  This is an exception.

This is Mary Kay loose eye shadow in Pink Organza.

Don't get excited, I'm not running some shady Cuban cigar import business, it is just a box I found.  =P

Here's what it looks like out of the package.

I LOVE this little gem in the end.  Such a nice, girly touch.  I know I've said this before, but I believe ALL makeup should have pretty packaging with little details like this.  I adore the merging of 'useful' and 'beautiful' in all things.

 This stuff did NOT want to show up in photos, but you can see it better if you open the picture up.  Top is without primer and bottom is with primer.  No wet swatch with this one, I forgot.  >.<  It is a very lovely, shimmery, baby-pink color.  It goes on smoothly, I've had no trouble with it creasing with or without primer, and it blends nicely as well.

I also forgot to take a picture of the applicator, which is different than any other one I've seen.  Instead of being tapered, it is a little round ball.  Sort of annoying as it makes it tough to get in the corners of your eye if you're wearing it on the bottom lid.

What I DO love about this is the tubey-thing it comes in.  Unlike every other loose shadow I've had that comes in a tubey-thing, this one seems to have mastered the art of tubey-thing-ing.  When you pull the wand out, you don't get this fine spray of color all over your hands, clothes, and the tubey-thing itself.  Most I've had end up being such a mess, but this one is nice and tidy and I adore that.

From what I can tell, you can pick these suckers up for around $10 with shipping on Amazon.  While I'd normally get my panties in a bunch over paying that for only one color, I do think this one is a worthy splurge.  The package is a generous size and a little bit goes a long way.


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<3 WW


  1. O___o wait, someone actually mastered the tubey thing?? That alone makes this a wonder product. Usually when I use a tubey thing I look like I was attacked by an angry herd of pixies. (flock of pixies? hoard of pixies? umm..attacked by masses of sparkly creatures)

    1. It is pretty awesome not to end up with my boobs (where the fallout inevitably ends up) looking like two disco balls. Also, you bring up a fine point, ma'am. Since they have wings would it be gaggle of pixies? Perhaps a murder of pixies??