Sunday, November 24, 2013

Random Manicures

Since I have quite a few things I need to swatch and take pictures of, I figured I'd just do a post of past manicures I've done, but didn't blog (or don't remember if I did) to hold you guys over.

This was the first truly intricate nail design I ever tried.  Since I'm me, I was halfway into it before I noticed I had no nail polish remover left, so you'll have to excuse the messy edges.  The theme is L from Death Note.  If you haven't seen the anime, he is munching on some sort of sweet or candy in almost every scene.

The index finger is supposed to be lollipops, but they didn't go so well.  My traffic finger is cupcake frosting with sprinkles and a cherry, ring finger is L's little L symbol he always used, and the pinkie is jelly beans!  The teacup on the thumb is the one I'm most proud of, but we'll come back to that.

Other hand was rhinestones on the thumb as gumdrops, a sort of jawbreaker pattern on the index, little glitter hearts for conversation heart candies on the traffic finger, ice cream with a rhinestone cherry on the ring finger, and on the pinkie...Well, I ran out of ideas and just glued a huge gem to it.

Here's a closeup of my tea cup.  I'd never attempted anything like this before, so I was pretty stoked with how cute it came out, even though it is a little off-center.

A close-up of the L with the little gem and the others...

This I just kept taking pictures of because I thought it was so gorgeous.

It is like a galaxy in a bottle.

I'm a bit obsessed with this color....I believe it is called 'Catch Me' by Kleancolor.

And a super cute glitter, Starry Night, as well!

This is what you have to look forward to!  A friend recently gave me all of these, so swatches and reviews coming soon!!  ^_^


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