Thursday, May 16, 2013

Estee Lauder Bronzer and Blush Review

*This product was a gift from a friend, but opinions are still 100% my own.

Well I guess you guys already figured out I'm really bad at making the fancy little deedelee-doos over foreign words (bad me).  Sorry.  You still get the concept, I hope!

Let's face it:  Estee Lauder is sort of a hoity-toity brand that people should be able to trust, at least for the money they shell out.  Fair?  Well, that is the exact reason I want to grab whoever is in charge of their make up line and give them a shake and ask them what the hell they are thinking.

Now, this isn't a bad product.  The colors are nice, but they are VERY pigmented, as you will see in the swatch.  You have to be quite careful when applying.  (HELLO Mario bewbs.)  >.<

The bronzer is Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer, the blushes are Pure Color Blush in Pink Kiss Satin and Lover's Blush Shimmer.

The Lover's Blush, as you can see, is light and goes on nicely and looks incredible on, and it is my favorite, but the other two are HOLY PIGMENT, BATMAN!, and I didn't even swatch them heavily.  I will give them credit in that the Pink Kiss satin blush is truly a satin...that bit of shimmer you see in it is where I accidentally dusted it while swatching the Lover's Blush.  Whoops.

Now, the problem I have is this:  I plan to review their eye shadow tomorrow, so you will see exactly what I'm bitching about then, but their eye shadows are extremely lightly pigmented you almost can't see them at all, to the point where I had hell getting the swatches.  Why, why, WHY aren't these guys applying the pigment technology they obviously have to their eye colors?!?  It is like they are perfectly capable of making their products better, but just don't!  GAAAH



Anyway, this isn't a bad product, and I do love the Lover's Blush.  The other two aren't bad, you just have to be careful applying them as they are amazingly easy to over-do and quite hard to cover up or fix without washing your face and starting over.  Also, as with most of these kits, the brush is rubbish, but that is to be expected, so I don't count it against them.  I found this exact trio, with the bag, which I didn't take pictures of because I'm good like that, but it is a really cute purple snakeskin mini bag, on amazon for about $9.  If you're good with blush and can make use of all 3, then I'd say it is a good deal for you, but for someone like me who would only be after the one color...a bit of an indulgence, maybe.  However, I am glad I got to try it simply because I will enjoy using the Lover's Blush so much!

<3 WW


  1. OMG is that a shirt with mario on it?? its awesome!!!!

    1. Hehe, yeah, and the only pic I took of the inside that came out. Figures. TY tho!

  2. Pretty! I find some high eye brands have sheer eyeshadows because that's what some people want, which is bizarre to me, but I like in your face colour. I have a mini palette from Bobbi Brown I never use because they're so unpigmented, they're more like washes of colour.

    1. I find it bizarre as well. Most dollar store shadows have crap pigment, so why spend tons more for the same or less pigment? Let us have our dramatic colors!!