Tuesday, May 14, 2013

BITE Palette Review

*This item was a gift from an awesome friend, but all reviews are 100% honest and alllll mine.  You may notice I prefer to quote amazon for prices, but that is simply because it is somewhere almost anyone can go look up the product immediately instead of having to find x store which isn't even in your city, so you'd have to travel to x and....yeah.  Amazon ftw.

This is another one that *very* pleasantly surprised me.  I may or may not have mentioned this in my Crimson Amulet review, but I don't usually get along with lipstick that is in the little trays.  At all.  Normal tubes and the ones with the wands I can handle, but I hate the trays.  However, this palette is so great that I don't even mind it at all, though I do still use my finger to apply them because...fuck a lip brush, guys, seriously.  But you just want to see pictures, right?  :)

These appear to go for about $12 on amazon, which when you factor in is only 4 bucks a color, that's really not bad.  Mine is rather scratched up from bouncing around miscellaneous makeup boxes and bags, but you can see here in the original post from just after I got it how nice it was brand new.  It is a cute matte black with a ribbon that almost looks like a little book and has "BITE" in gloss black.

Inside, it has a brush, which is nice by lip brush standards, but I still avoid it, a mirror, and three colors - Restina, Rose, and Tannin.

If you'd told me back when I got this that I would use Restina and Rose almost exclusively, I'd have laughed you out of the room.  Before I got this palette, I never wore anything other than red, so I naturally thought, when I opened it, that Tannin would be my go-to color here.  I was wrong.  Instead, I've been putting Restina in the middle of my top and bottom lips and Rose on the outsides and blend them together in a gradient effect and it just looks SO CUTE.  *.*  I've only worn my usual reds once or twice since I discovered that.

Here are the swatches, though the picture could have come out better.  Restina looks pretty true to color, but the Rose is a bit light here compared to how it comes out on your lips.  It is build-able, so you can go from a sheer pink to a nice, opaque pink.  I usually have mine opaque on the outsides then less as I blend into the Restina.  The Tannin goes on almost like a stain if you put it on thin, but it is build-able as well.

The products themselves feel light and not at all tacky or slimy once they are on.  They last pretty well - about average, I'd say - they do not bleed or run, in my experience, and wear comfortably.

I am just in love with this palette and will more than likely buy another one when this runs out.  I think it is a good value for the price and definitely a keeper!

<3  WW


  1. Never tried this brand, but the colours are very cute. I definitely lean towards bold colours, but sometimes a pretty pink/nude feels right. :)

    1. You may try them out next time you're in the mood for nude (wow, I had to read over that 3 times to figure out why it sounded so...dirty lol derp), I never ever wore nudes or pinks before this palette, but now I do most of the time, though I will always have a deep love for my bright reds.