Friday, May 10, 2013

I Won!

I hope you're sitting down.

I actually won a giveaway.

I've entered several over the years as I follow quite a few blogs and many of them host giveaways, but this is the first one I've actually won, so I am super excited.  The giveaway was hosted by Violet, who has an awesome blog you should check out if you haven't, and it was for a gorgeous bracelet by Earth Jewel Creations!  When I saw the giveaway, I knew I had to enter as the lady who runs Earth Jewel Creations makes everything herself and I've always been a huge fan of handmade items and the bohemian flair on a lot of her work just suits me perfectly.

When I opened the envelope this morning, I saw this:  a bunch of cute-looking things all neatly packed in a clear cellophane wrapper.

Laid out, there was a pretty card from Violet, a card from Earth Jewel Creations, a little card also from the same place explaining about the stones on the bracelet, of course, the bracelet, which was in the pretty little sheer drawstring jewelry bag with gold metallic hearts, and Violet was even sweet enough to include a cute little Bergamot Bunny sticker!  ^_^

As you can see, the bracelet is lovely.  I was surprised by the weight, as it is much heaver than I'd thought it would be due to the quality of the stones and metals.  The pearls have a beige tint with a nice iridescence and I am in love with the toggle clasp.  Not only does it have hearts that match the charm, but it actually stays in place!  Most toggle bracelets I've had end up falling off since the little bar just finds its way right out, but this one seems to be better made and I haven't had a problem with it all day.

A close-up of the Bergamot sticker because she's so cute!

And here's the bracelet on.  I love the way it hangs, and after a few minutes you don't feel the weight at all, so it isn't as heavy as it feels when being worn.  I adore this and will get a lot of wear out of it, especially since I have a freshwater pearl necklace it will match perfectly.  A massive thank you to Violet for hosting the giveaway and to Earth Jewel Creations for providing the beautiful piece!  Be sure to check out both pages if you're looking for great craft ideas or a nice piece of hand-made jewelry for a friend!



  1. Congrats! And its a wonderful bracelet. And I just checked out the blog and its great!! Thanks for the tip

    1. NP...I've lost hours and hours on her blog getting so many ideas, lol