Thursday, May 2, 2013

Captain's Log - Beauty-Related Crafts, Tutorials, & Misc Archives

This is the place where everything that isn't a beauty review but is still beauty-related will be filed and hopefully not to die.  XD  These are in no particular order.

Spring Beauty VoxBox

DIY Vanity Container Set

DIY Eyeshadow Palette

Nail Pledge Post 1

Nail Pledge Post 3 (who the hell knows where 2 went...)

Nail Pledge Post 4 - WoW Horde Mani Tutorial

Nail Pledge Post 4 - Skull Nail Tutorial Oh, so there's where 2 went...

Nail Pledge Post 6 - Cauldron Nails Tutorial

Nail Pledge Post 7 - Spiderweb Tutorial

Water Marbling FAIL

DIY Nail Polish

Summer Beauty VoxBox

DIY Print Eyeliner

Post-Halloween Haul

Christmas Nails Tutorial

Care Package o' Beauty Awesomeness

Zebra Nail Art Tutorial

Easy Makeup Brush Storage

Eyelash Case DIY

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