Friday, January 3, 2014

Yule Haul!! (Part 1)

Hi everyone!  I promise I hadn't planned to be gone so long.  Our internet went out sometime between Dec. 14th and 16th, and due to holiday rushes, we just got it back working steadily (sort of) yesterday.

At any rate, I did my usual hit-the-store-on-the-26th thing to see what all goodies I could get at half off.  I got very lucky this year and EVERYTHING I had been eyeballing over the holidays was actually still there.  Usually most of it is gone and I only get one or two of the kits I'd wanted, so I was super stoked!

 However, I'm breaking this down into two posts since some of the stuff, I wasn't so thrilled with.  There were 4 more kits, but all by the same brand, so I plan to do a long post on that brand itself, as well as those products and the ones by them I've bought in the past in the near future.

I also got a bunch of decorations on clearance I'd wanted for NEXT Yule, so since it is past the holidays now, I'll leave that up to you guys, so if you want to see the new decorations, then just leave a comment below, and I'll take pictures and make a post!  :)

First thing I made a straight shot for was Britney Spears' Curious perfume.  This stuff smells amazing, and the bottle is gorgeous, though this is sadly the plain one without the atomizer.  However, since I only paid 10 bucks for it, I can't complain.  Due to the smell of this, I wouldn't care if Satan's name was emblazoned across the front.

Judge me if you must.  I'll still smell fabulous.

These are the Vile Villains Body Shimmer Sprays and it wasn't something I'd even seen on my previous trips. so I'd had no plans to buy it, but when I saw it, I just had to have it.  Most Disney stuff I see is emblazoned with Mickey or Minnie, neither of which I can stand, so I was pretty stoked to find all villains, sans mice.

Scents are as follows:

Cruella DeVil is Cruel Candy - a sweet, almost cotton-candy smelling spray.

Ursula's signature scent is apparently Vile Vanilla - I adore vanilla, so we have that in common.  :)  This one smells like, well, vanilla.

Maleficent is Ghastly Grape - This one is grapey and very sweet - almost like grape kool-aid.

The Evil Queen from Snow White is Sinister Citrus - this is bright and energizing and very orange-y.

 Last, but certainly not least, is the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland, and I was SO HAPPY she was in this collection as I've collected Alice in Wonderland stuff since I was about 8.  My grandmother used to read me to sleep with it every night I stayed at her house and I've been obsessed ever since.  Anyway, her scent is Punishing Pomegranate, which is lovely.

All the sprays have a light micro-shimmer as opposed to the chunky ones that always clog the little sprayers, which is nice.  The scent lasts about as long as I expect of any body spray - a few hours on skin, a bit longer on clothing.  Seeing as how I picked up the whole set for $2.50, I'm VERY pleased.  Last I was at our Wally-world, they still had a TON of these left, so I'd say its definitely worth looking for next time you're out and about.

Did you get any good after-Christmas sales?


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