Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Aww, HELL no!

I am sorry about the uber-long hiatus, guys.  Everything has just been...odd.  While the cooking blog will still be on hiatus for quite some time, I've been considering getting the other two back up and running, but just couldn't seem to make myself actually sit down and do it.  Today, I checked the mail, and I got *just* the kick in the ass I needed!  Time to kick off...*drum roll please*....MY FIRST FASHION RANT!

This is Alloy.  I've gotten their catalogs since I was a teenager.  That's right.  I've been shopping with them for about a decade and a half.  I love that they always have adorable clothes and that they actually have LONG inseams for those of us with ridiculously long legs.  They also have a very good size range for a 'straight' catalog.  Their 'straight' sizing goes up to, I think, 19, so I've never had any trouble fitting into their clothes.  They're pricey, but their clearances are INCREDIBLE.

The catalogs have always looked like this...as did this one.  All the way through the entire thing, same rail-thin models as usual.  I'm not knocking them, I think they're beautiful!  Only thing is, that for a catalog that carries sizes so large, I'd always wanted for them to get some curvier models so I could see what their clothes might look like on ME since, especially when you're not teeny, buying clothing online or via a catalog can be a MAJOR PITA.


Looks like I got my wish, right?

Well...Kind of.

Can you guess where this was?  It was tucked into the back.  

Mhmm.  Lemme just let that sink in for a second for you.  It was the last two pages, just plunked back there like a fucking afterthought.

Still don't get it?  They're introducing an entire new line.  This is something most companies would be STOKED about and would be shouting from the rooftops and pulling all kinds of advertisement on.  In fact, I've seen in the past, Alloy show said 'rooftop shouting' on their catalogs AND website for new lines, new brands, new color options, etc.

But since its plus sized girls, we have to get shoved to the back of the catalog like their dirty little fucking secret.

I figured "hey, I'm over-reacting".  I read this little snippet and went to their website expecting some big "grand opening"-type extravaganza.  What did I find?

One.  Little.  Link.

One little fucking link almost all the way to the end.

I love you, Alloy.  I love your extended inseams and your adorable clothes and the wicked clearances you have that make it to where I can actually afford your clothing.  I'm not going to boycott you over this because it seems you're trying.  It is like you *want* to stick up for us big girls, but, not having the balls to go big or go home, you shoved us in the back.  Great thing to do to women who already struggle with a healthy body image with all society throws at them.  I mean...did you think that through?  So 'E' for effort, but 'F' for complete failure to consider your placement and such.  We deserve to get just as big of a grand entrance with our new line as any other one has, not being shamed to the back of the catalog and a tiny link on the website.

Tsk, tsk.


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  1. It's so frustrating isn't it!? So many plus sizes are often pushed to the back corners in stores, and that is if they have them at all. It's like they are ashamed. While I am happy that places are getting in a wider range of sizes, they should be promoting it proudly. Everyone deserves fashion.

    1. It is very frustrating and I was so disappointed when I saw it, particularly after knowing for so many years how proud they usually are of anything new.

      Also, I am sorry it took so long for a reply here, my comment thingy has been doing this thing for several months now where I'll hit "publish" and its all "nope". =/