Thursday, July 10, 2014

Josie Maran Bear Naked Nail Polish Remover Wipes Review

Good god, that's one helluva title, isn't it?  I've yet to try a Josie Maran product I *don't* like, but I have noticed that most of the titles for their products are crazy long!

First off...check out this packaging.  Isn't it adorable?  I mean, come on, only evil people hate polar bears.

Inside are the remover wipes.  They look pretty normal and unassuming.  They're amazing.  While I didn't notice too much of a grape-fruity smell, they didn't have a bad smell, either.  They do quickly and effectively remove nail polish, though, and even the heavily-glittered and confetti ones, so that was super impressive!  No soaking, no scrubbing, just a relatively quick and painless removal.

The cuticle oil in them is lovely.  I would remove my nail polish, then wipe my nails down with a paper towel to get the oil residue off of my nails, but still have it on my cuticles, then paint like normal.  Even though I'm sure there was still a bit of residue on my nails, my nail polish still lasted just as long as usual, but my cuticles were *much* more happy since cuticle oil is one of those things I almost never own or remember to buy!

The only thing I found to be a bit irritating about these is the lids can be quite hard to get back on without cross-threading them, so you have to be pay attention to how you put them back on so that they don't do that and end up drying out the wipes, but that's such a tiny, minor complaint in the big spectrum of awesome, here!

Overall?  HIGHLY recommend these!  They were tons better for my nails AND easier to work with than traditional nail polish remover.

Listening to:  "Celtic Frosted Flakes" - Stormtroopers of Death


  1. o0o0o these sound awesome. my cuticles are...pathetic. And if anyone hates the packaging they are SUPER evil cuz its not just polar bears, its a polar bear mama giving her adorable polar bear baby a hug

    1. We should start a "Pathetic Cuticles Club".