Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Venique Sea Diamonds Review (Mani)

This glitter top coat actually seriously impressed me.

This is Venique in 'Sea Diamonds'.  Now, I'm not usually a huge fan of glitter that is only silver, but this one has so much interest due to the different sized specks of glitter, not to mention that I need a top coat by this brand if their plain top coat is HALF as slick and shiny as this stuff.

Lookit how glossy it dries!  Most glitters I have dry kind of matte and dull and you have to pile about 3 top coats OVER them to achieve any kind of gloss at all which, of course, usually gets dinged well before the 12 freakin' hours it takes to dry.  Seriously, there have been times I have painted my toe nails, waited 2 or 3 hours, gone to bed, and wake up to smudged/smeared/smashed/imprinted digits.  Not cool.

This stuff, though dried super fast over one coat of Sephora Pantone in Anthracite (review coming soon), and I am very, very pleased with this particular product.  HIGHLY recommend if you're into epic glitter top coats that you don't have to pile even more crap over and...um...who isn't?

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