Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cover Girl Hunger Games Nail Set Review

I'll admit it.  I was pretty much a stupid amount of stoked when I found this on clearance.  I think I paid $2.50 for it.  I was so excited, in fact, that I forgot to take pics before I took it out of the packaging, but what was in there was the nail color and decals above!

I was pretty confused about their pairing choice of the gold decals with the gold color...Maybe it was a mistake and that's why they went to clearance?  Either way, I liked both, so I was still happy.

The color is "Seared Bronze".

The photos really don't do it justice.  This is in natural lighting and you can't see all the flecks of copper that are in there...it just looks gold.

The 'with flash' shots are a little closer to reality, but still not doing the color justice...However, I like it very much and will use it a ton in the fall.  It is 'neutral' enough to match pretty much anything, even a nice dress, yet the copper sheen it has makes it just really pop with flowy, boho fabrics and lots of natural jewelry.

Now...the decals...They're pretty terrible.  I put them over a plain red so that they'd actually show up.  I loved the design and they were easy to apply, but they stayed kind of...gooey.  Yes, the red had *completely* dried before I put the decals on.  Within 48 hours, they had gotten gooey-collecting-lint-and-stuff gross and most of them had sort of rolled off as if they were made of glue dots.

I recommend grabbing the set if you can find it on sale for the gorgeous nail color, but knowing what I know about the decals, I wouldn't pay full price for a set, even for the nice color.



  1. too bad the decals didnt work out. Love the design...but yeah the picking up lint bit is a no go

  2. The decals look amazing, if only they weren't gooey! I love the set though, we didn't get anything like that over here. :(

    1. For about 6 hours until they started to 'decompose' and get gooey and weird...they WERE pretty! lol