Saturday, September 14, 2013

Feather Manicure

No, your memory is not failing you, nor is it that funny taste that may have been in your drink.  Although, if that actually happened, you may want to look into it.  You may have seen this post before.  In an attempt to make everything easier to navigate for everyone, I am working on transferring all of the old beauty and craft posts from the recipe blog to their appropriate homes on the newer wings.  I'll be only one a day so as not to clog up your feeds, so please bear with all the boring re-caps!

I came up with this completely out of...I have no idea, it just sort of hit me, actually.  I just had a box of feather sitting around I'd bought that didn't work for the project they were intended for, so there they sat.

Edit: hilariously, this idea started popping up EVERYWHERE shortly after I posted this, so it must have been a mutual strike of inspiration as I hadn't seen it anywhere and I know I'm not popular enough here for anyone to have seen it, really...funny how that works!! :)




We can't have that, now can we?  I've been on sort of a nail kick lately and I'm running out of ideas (nail art is a superb idea until you realize you can't draw) so now I suppose I'm just randomly affixing things to my nails in search of something new, and this is what I came up with:

Not the most awesome thing ever, but I dig it and can't wait to try it with other colors and feathers...And on tips since my nails are so short this was actually kind of difficult.

Pardon me if this attempt at a nail art tutorial sucks, its my first one. =)

First, put down your base coat if you roll that way and your base color.  I used a light blue...My idea was sort of a feather floating through the sky thing although it looks nothing like that, lol.

Then, you'll need your feathers, some tweezers, a top coat, and some scissors (not pictured).

Ok, now there's some pictures missing here since I only have two hands and they were both occupied.  I tried two different methods with this:  I trimmed the feathers before applying and some I applied THEN trimmed before I mashed them down...Those turned out way better.

Anyway, pick your method...the above is one I trimmed first.  Then, apply a coat of clear, grab the feather with your tweezers and lay it on your nail on top of the still-wet clear coat.  Before you press it into place (I just used my finger, but if you are fancy you can use an orange wood stick), be sure to go ahead and trim any edges you may have missed that will hang over.

Then, press the feather gently down into the tacky gloss so it sort of sticks and lays flat.

Keep going...And once you've done them all, put a nice, thick clear coat over the top to seal everything in.


Feather nails!

...And feather toes...Please to ignore the scratches on my toes, I do own a cat.  I tried to do feathers on the right foot on the smaller toes as well, but it didn't work so well.

The Wookie Wifey

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