Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ole Henriksen Three Little Wonders Box Set Review

**Product was a gift from a friend, but all reviews are my own honest opinion and not swayed by the whole "free" thing.

Another one to review from the box o' awesome.  Insane that I got that in December and am STILL reviewing its contents.  Can we say best care package ever?!  Of course, I've reviewed a ton of other things that I've purchased or received on my own between all this stuff, but that is still a LOT OF REVIEWS.

This set is the Ole Henriksen Three Little Wonders Box Set - (from right to left) Sheer Transformation (a moisturizer), Truth Serum collagen booster, and Invigorating Night Gel.  I was a bit confused when I first opened the box that there was no face wash, but I quickly got over that.  Note no scent is mentioned because there wasn't any.  Some of the products had just a hint of something almost herbaly I couldn't put my finger on, but there was no overt scent to any of them.

This is what the serum looks like, and was my favorite by far.  It leaves your skin feeling so squeaky clean and refreshed.  I was leery of it because it appears to be oily, but it actually didn't break me out a bit.  The Wookie used this quite a bit as well and loved it.

These are the other two.  The moisturizer is silky and light, leaves your skin feeling soft but with no greasiness, and I like it quite a bit.  Is it magic?  No.  But it didn't irritate my skin and seemed to do what it is supposed to.

The night gel, I'm not so sure about.  It left a bad, odd, layer on my skin.  I don't know if night gels are SUPPOSED to do that as this is the first one I've tried, but I'd put it on about an hour or so before bed, but if I rubbed my face any time afterward, this stuff would roll up and come off in my hand, like when you have glue on your skin and you rub at it.  I tried using less of it, but no matter how little I used, it still did that.  I never had it do anything bad to my face, but I never woke up with OMG better skin, either, so that being said, I'd leave this one out just because of the gross factor.

Now, on to price.  From what I can see online, this mini trio set I have goes for about $70 (!!!), and the full sizes are $45 for each cream and $72 for the serum.  Figures the one I like the most would be the expensive one.  If I had money lying around all haphazardly and could afford to drop cash like that on products, then the serum and moisturizer would forever be in my cabinet as backups in case I ran out of my favorite so far (which has been the Benefit set) and because the Wookie liked the serum so much, but being as broke as I am, I doubt I'll get to enjoy these products again.  While I love how awesomely luxurious and spa-like it made me feel (before I even saw the prices), it just isn't something that is at all realistic for me to keep in my arsenal right now and, honestly, for that price, I expect my skin to look AMAZING, not "well, at least it didn't make it worse".

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