Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil Review

If you've ever read any other post or been around more than 3 minutes on this little blogging empire, then you'll know that I'm usually not comfortable with reviewing samples.  You almost never get enough of an idea from one or two uses of something to tell if it is truly a good product or not.  Almost.

This is the exception.  This goes for about 32 bucks for 6oz on Sephora or $24 (give or take depending on the seller, of course) on amazon.  Pricey?  Yep.  Worth it?  Absolutely.  I can tell you that after one use.  In fact, I still have another sample hidden away that I'm hoarding in case of a very bad skin emergency day.

See, I have super sensitive skin with a genetic skin condition on top of it.  This little packet horrified me when I first saw it as usually anything oil-based spells instant disaster for my skin but I decided to give it a go anyway.  Glad I did because the next morning, was so clear, soft, and glowy.  After ONE USE, people.   Just so you know, I was using my standard, go-to, nothing special, doesn't-break-me-out-but-doesn't-make-it-better face wash in between, so its not like I used a different sample the day before that had the effect, it was all this little puppy right here.  Not much makes my skin better, the best I can usually hope for is a cleanser that just doesn't poke the bear.  This is only the second thing I've ever tried (Benefit being the other) that my skin had an amazingly GOOD reaction to.  This is another one I'll be trying to save up to get a full size of.

It does feel like oil going on and washing off, and I love that it doesn't have any scrubbies in it as exfoliants tend to really piss my skin off.  I was sure to rinse in water as warm as I could stand it so I left as little residue on my face as possible and I followed it with my normal sensitive skin off-brand moisuturizer (which was the only thing I'd found I could use from drugstore brands and now they don't make it anymore ohmygodwhatamigoingtodo).

Recommend if you have the funds, all the way!




  1. I am sooo wimpy when it comes to oil cleansers. I have yet to try one with my super oily skin. But this tempts me!

    1. I literally grimaced when I tried it, I just knew I'd wake up the next day with the worst skin ever, but I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe email the company and see if they'll send you a sample to try out?

    2. I will def contact them, totally curious about this one!