Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sephora Colorful Mono(s) Review

I promised to put these up soon and that was forever ago when I posted this review, so sorry about that!

This first one is Strass No. 11 and I LOOOOVE IT!!  Sadly, I can't find this color on their website anywhere.  It doesn't seem to exist.  Cue crying jag.

It is sort of a champagne-colored shimmery color with tons of gold micro glitter thrown in.  However, the fallout for this one is BAD.  If you use it dry, even with primer, prepare to have glitter all over your cheeks.  It stays put well wet, though.

A closeup of the glittery goodness...

This one I like as well, but not quite as enthusiastically as the other one, and when we get to swatches of the two you will see why.  This is Strass No. 7 - Starry Sky, according to their website.

This is a dark grey with silver and blue micro glitter.

As you can see, it goes on very light when dry or over primer, it feels almost...grainy going on dry, and it does have the fallout of the other one.  You can even see where the glitter is all over my hand, especially on the dry swatch.

 You can really see in this closeup, though, that it looks just beautiful when applied wet and has a nice sparkle to it that stays put.  This looks gorgeous with Hard Candy Lash Tinsel over your regular mascara and Sephora Glitter Eyeliner.  Does not go well with the No. 11, though, as the blue and silver glitter clashes with the gold.  I tried it.  Don't.  :)

This is the No. 11.  I adore this.  It is just beautiful.  Dry it goes on so light it is almost like fairy dust.  Over the primer, you basically get a nice champagne shimmer as most of the glitter falls off.  Wet, this goes on a gorgeous, shimmery, pigmented color with lots of sparkle.  This goes with everything.  I've used it in several different makeup looks both alone and with all sorts of other colors and it is just gorgeous every time.

A shot in different lighting just because I love this.  Yes, the fallout sucks, but ITS SO SPARKLY!

You can pick these up for as little as 5 or 6 bucks on amazon and it looks like they are normally $12 on their site, but on sale for 5 at the moment.  I'd really recommend picking up No. 11, if you could ever locate it because fallout and all it is gorgeous enough to be worth it.

What's your favorite glitter eyeshadow?

<3 WW

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