Monday, June 3, 2013

Review - Hard Candy Beauty to Go Hypnoteyes

Another review!  I know, you're shocked, right?  This one was a total impulse buy.  I'd been on the lookout for a good purple liner to replace mine.  Mine is Make Up For Ever and it is getting close to croaking and as much as I love it, I can't afford to replace it with another of the same brand, so when I ran across this Hard Candy set with the purple glitter liner, I had to try it.

Yep, blurry picture.  That's my fault.  You can thank blogger for the sideways part.  I edited the picture and had it right side up, but for whatever reason blogger insists I can not replace it, so oh well.  You can't win 'em all.  Either way, this was $4, I think, for the set which comes with one mascara, one eye liner, and one glitter mascara.  They are supposed to be minis, I think, but honestly only the liner looks small to me, the others look pretty standard size compared to some products I have.

When you open the box up, everything is wrapped in pretty pink tissue paper.  Maybe kind of stupid, but its the little things that get me and opening a store-bought cosmetic product to see something so frilly and gift-like is nice.  Add this to the fact that Hard Candy always has adorable packaging anyway, and I'm kind of smitten.

This is the Flat to Fab mascara and it is pretty damn awesome.  It didn't do as well on my lashes as the Buxom, but it did do a damn fine job.  I'd say this is one of the best drug store mascaras I've tried to date.  Pity my eyes hated it.  While this is a great mascara, I'd say to stay away if you have sensitive skin.  This stuff made my eyes water, itch, and sting something awful and I've never had trouble with another Hard Candy product.  Unfortunately, even the best mascara doesn't look so great once you've cried it all off.  If you don't have sensitive skin, however, this is one you should check out.

On to the lash tinsel!  This is made to go over a plan mascara, according to the directions, and god do I love this stuff.  This is the only glitter mascara I've ever had actually come out glittery, and it looks GORGEOUS when worn with Sephora Eye Glitter.  I guess the magic in this is that it is made to be worn over another mascara, therefore the glitter gets to shine to its full potential, and it does.  Serious twinkly lashes, for sure, and the glitter actually stayed put and didn't fall all over my face throughout the day and, oddly, this one didn't make my allergies go apeshit the way the other mascara did.

This is what drew me to the kit in the first place.  Take Me Out Liner.  It looked super glittery and the Make Up For Ever one I have is a metallic purple Aqua Eyes, so I was hoping for something comparable.  Did I find it?

Well, not exactly.  Kitteh is helping me review it and she isn't too impressed, either.

You can see how it comes out thin and almost sheer in some places then crumbles off in others.  I think this is due to the glitter drying it out because this stuff is just quite crumbly.  It goes on smooth, but just leaves chunks behind sometimes.  You can get them to smooth out easily with a smudge brush and still keep the line quite clear, but it is still sort of annoying and, to boot, the glitter doesn't show up.  Like, at all.  It pretty much crumbles off in the clumps and you get left with the lighter purple you see on the tops of the loops, which isn't bad, but not really what I was in for.  Basically, if I find absolutely nothing else, this will do in a pinch, but it (hopefully) won't have to be my new go-to to replace my old one.  Guess for now I'll keep trying.

Overall, I'd say the set was worth $4 just to find a good glitter mascara, though I can at least work with the purple liner.  The Flat to Fab, however, isn't going to make the cut since my skin is ridiculously sensitive, which is sad as it is such a good product.  Verdict?  Unless you have sensitive skin, go for it.

Wookie Wifey


  1. Dissapointing about the liner and other mascara, but that glitter mascara looks awesome!

    1. My skin is so uber-sensitive that I don't hold the mascara against them. A lot of brands do that to me, but for someone who doesn't have sensitive skin, it is a great mascara. The liner, though, there's no excuse for, lol.