Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Review

*These were a gift from a friend, but opinions are 100% my own.

These are so much fun.  Another one of those "can they really be worth all the hype" products, and you know what?  Yeah, they kinda are.

Q-tip to keep them from rolling away.  Professionalism at its best!
 I use the shit out of these and really can't say enough great things about them.

They are drawn on in the color numbers so you can tell what's what.  You can see from how clear the letters and numbers are that these just glide on.  2L is a medium brown, 1L is a dark, dark charcoal grey, 4L is a nice purple with reddish tones, 12L is a gorgeous, vibrant blue that comes off almost turquoise, and 21L is a silvery-grey.  They don't exactly look metallic, but they just have sort of a nice, glowy sheen to them.  They are soft and go on very smoothly and blend easily and I just love them.

However, they do have a down side.  Two, actually.

The first is they are NOT smudge-proof.  You have to be very careful not to rub your eye all day or your whole look is ruined - a challenge if you have allergies.  I tend to use the blue and purple the most and I use them on the outer part of my lower lash line and if I sneeze and rub the edge of my eye without thinking about it, then half my color is gone and I have to either re-do or rub the other one so it matches.

Second downside?  The price.  I wish so badly it weren't so high because I'd just use these all the time despite the down sides, because they are so vibrant and easy to work with.  These things go for about 35 bucks a pop on amazon for a full size one or 20 bucks for a tin of 5 of the mini ones.  You be the judge of whether that is worth it.  I may, once in a blue moon, toss the little $20 kit on my wishlist since they last quite a while, but I just simply can't afford or justify 35 bucks for one stick of liner.  Even if I could, it would have to be a PERFECT liner, no smudging every time my allergies act up, because, let's face it, I could sacrifice a bit of the vibrant color for a waterproof drugstore liner that would last through the apocalypse.  You know those chicks on tv who are fighting zombies in a waste-land with wicked good eyeliner?  Yeah, they wore Revlon Colorstay on the last day before the world ended and they just can't get it off.

<3 Wookie Wifey


  1. Those look gorgeous, especially the vibrant blue, but that price point.

    1. Yeah, it is an eek factor. I will especially miss that blue when it is gone tho, lol