Monday, June 17, 2013

Dress the Blogger Part 3 - Sian!


Welcome to my new little mini-series, Dress the Blogger!  I love fashion, but since my blog is anonymous, I figured I'd challenge myself and see how I'd do dressing other bloggers!  I hit up my 4 favorite bloggers who have styles similar to my own, (which varies, let me tell you), and am going to create 3 looks for each one and we'll see if I can even get remotely close to anything they'd actually wear.  Big thanks to these awesome women for participating and I hope they like what I've picked!  Since this is all in fun it is budget smudget....If I see something on polyvore I find fitting, it goes on the list even if it is thousands of dollars because everyone can dream, right?

*Note:  I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out how to post from polyvore to here and may or may not have spammed shit like 12 times trying to get it to work, so in the end I just saved then uploaded like pictures and if you'd like to view them on polyvore, there are links provided below each set and there is also, alll the way at the bottom, my polyvore information!  :)


As we're going in alphabetical order by blog, victim number 3 is Sian from Sort Life Out; Buy Milkand how awesome is that blog name?  Sian runs a plus-size, size-positive fashion blog and has this incredibly unconventional style and isn't afraid to wear what she wants regardless of social standards - which is YAY! - and she rocks the hell out of every shade of lipstick...EVERY SHADE!  :)  Her style is similar to mine, because we both tend to wear unconventional outfits, pair things most people wouldn't dream of sticking in the same outfit, and include a lot of morbid and/or nerdy elements.

Not going to lie, REALLY nervous about this one as I think of the 4, Sian has the hardest style to nail as she is so artistic that I find myself, when reading her blog, saying, "how the HELL did she think to pair THAT? WORKS!"...and that's about the time my brain explodes.  So I hope I did okay, and sorry ahead of time if I didn't, Sian!

This first set is for a casual day - shopping, class, whatnot.  Since Sian tends to mix prints from time to time and looks as comfortable rocking body con as flowy fabrics, I've layered a galaxy pencil skirt over comic book leggings and added a flowy, shredded skull tank over the top with a red biker jacket thrown over the top.  The shoes...Oh god, those shoes, need I say more?  For accessories, I included a military-inspired bag, vinyl record earrings, a sweet, sculpted cuff, and two necklaces to choose from - I couldn't make up my mind between the abstract diamond necklace and the I <3 Zombies one, so I put both!  Top it off with a glittery skull bow that I think would add a very cute edge popped onto the side of her hair and an awesome navy lipstick.

In this set, which is also casual, I decided to layer the fuck-you shorts over the gold leggings.  I think the lounge shorts over a dressier legging would make a really cool contrast, especially when paired with a super casual "normal is boring" tank with the sheer, over-sized black top over it all.  My vision is that the sheer top would be over-sized enough to almost look like a shirt dress with the skeleton hands showing through in the back and text on the shirt just visible in the front, making the bottom layer sort of subtle where at first glace you just notice a rather normal gold jeggings and shirt dress look, but underneath is this hard, edgy fuck-you-ness - Does that make any sense? lol  I topped the whole look off with some amazing boots, a spiky bag, ring, and earrings, and a super incredible Bitch necklace that zomg I need.

The date night set!  For this one, I chose two dresses that are similar in style but completely different in how they would fit, so this is sort of a double outfit.  Since Sian tends to wear both structured and relaxed clothing, I could really see her in either one of these.  To go with either, I chose the same accessories:  Spiffy camo wedges, a super structured military-inspired jacket, a studded olive drab cross-body bag, a skeleton hand statement necklace, coffin earrings, a skeleton key cuff, and a skeleton double-finger ring.  The lips look out of place because I chose them for effect, not the color...I'd pictured that gradient effect but in black and grey or dark green and grey!  I figured either one of these looks would be perfectly date-appropriate without over-dressing, hopefully nailing her personal style but adding a feminine, sexy, date-night flair.

So how'd I do?  Bracing!

Will post the last, but not least, victim tomorrow!  After that, as a finale, I'm thinking of posting some polyvore collages of outfits as similar as I can find to what is in my closet if anyone is interested in my personal style and how in the hell I manage to mix elements from all the bloggers you've seen featured so far - tomorrow's will REALLY throw you for a loop.  Interested at all?  Or should I keep my stinkin' fashion to myself?  lol  :)


***Sorry if you tried to get to this and it was down, Blogger is giving me fits if you can't tell by the million sizes of different text and fonts!  Consider it...artsy.  Yeah, that's it!


  1. Love this series and I just looked at her blog, after just one quick look she is sooo bad ass! Love it!

    1. Glad you like her blog, she is a badass, isn't she?