Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sephora Kat Von D Rock N' Roll Eyeshadow Duo Review

*This was a gift, but opinions are 100% my own.

I was pleasantly surprised with this eye shadow.  As you can see, the case looks sleek and cute and I'm glad at least some effort was made at embellishment.  Down with plain cases!

This is the King Cobra Rock N' Roll Duo and it is two apparently nameless greens.  They are almost identical in the pan except that one is more sparkly than the other one and maybe a shade lighter.

The color on the left is on the top and the color on the right on the bottom.  The swatches are over primer, wet, and dry just so you can see the difference.  Dry, these go on quite light and go pretty much wherever they want.  Over primer, they stay put a little more and show up better, although still not stunning.  We'll discuss wet in a minute.

While I like the right-hand (bottom) color, I'm forever perplexed by it.  It looks almost the same in the palette as the other color, but it comes out with almost a blue tone to it that, oddly enough, makes the color not seem to match any blues or greens I have!  >.<  I've used it with just black and white a few times, but it just throws me off!

What really got me was the left-hand side color when wet.  It comes out this gorgeous, shimmer, reptilian, metallic green and I just love it.  It blends quite nicely with many of my other greens, coopers, blacks...This goes with almost everything and pairs especially beautifully with Sephora Colorful Mono in Strass N. 11, which I will be reviewing soon.  These colors have a horrible fallout, and, in my opinion, were born to be worn wet as they come out beautiful, pigmented, and stay where you put them when you dampen your brush.

I couldn't find this duo, but Sephora's website has Kat Von D singles for $16 and from what I can tell when this was around it was regular price about $20.  While that isn't too steep a price if the color is especially awesome, I noticed other reviewers had similar complaints about the bad fallout as well, so beware of that.  If you want to pick these up on ebay or something, keep in mind they work best as wet shadows and you should be golden.

Do you like seeing swatches done all 3 ways or do you prefer just over primer?

<3 WW


  1. Love seeing the swatches three ways. Always seem to forget that shadow can go on wet and its nice to see what a difference it can make

    1. It really does make a massive difference with some of them!

  2. I had to really stare at the picture of the eyeshadow to see the two colours, but swatched they look lovely, I like the sparkly one. :)

    1. They actually look very similar in person, too, the only real difference in the pot is that one is a bit sparklier. The sparkly one is my favorite, too!