Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dress The Blogger Part 1 - Sayward!


Welcome to my new little mini-series, Dress the Blogger!  I love fashion, but since my blog is anonymous, I figured I'd challenge myself and see how I'd do dressing other bloggers!  I hit up my 4 favorite bloggers who have styles similar to my own, (which varies, let me tell you), and am going to create 3 looks for each one and we'll see if I can even get remotely close to anything they'd actually wear.  Big thanks to these awesome women for participating and I hope they like what I've picked!  Since this is all in fun it is budget smudget....If I see something on polyvore I find fitting, it goes on the list even if it is thousands of dollars because everyone can dream, right?

*Note:  I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out how to post from polyvore to here and may or may not have spammed shit like 12 times trying to get it to work, so in the end I just saved then uploaded like pictures and if you'd like to view them on polyvore, there are links provided below each set and there is also, alll the way at the bottom, my polyvore information!  :)


I'll be going in order by blog name, so let's get started!  First up is Sayward from Bonzai Aphrodite.  If you don't know who she is, you should definitely clicky the link and check out her blog.  I've been following her for a very long time now and she has some truly incredible recipes and tips that are fun and easy to integrate into your lifestyle even if you're not vegan!  Our eating habits are probably at least 15% healthier because of her, so thanks and keep up the awesome work, Sayward!

From what I've seen of Sayward's style on her blog, she's is big into layers and not super into uber-girly stuff.    Her style is similar to mine as I also love to layer and have a huge love for bohemian-type looks and boots Boots BOOTS!

This is something I envisioned for her on a casual day because since she is fairly freshly single, the lace panels on the shorts paired with the garter leggings give it a sexy vibe without making it overly-girly.  Also, having stupidly long legs myself, I know that what are 'normal' shorts on most people tend to be 'hooker' shorts on a long-legged chick, so leggings can be essential sometimes.  The rust bag is vegan and appears roomy enough to carry plenty of toddler snacks and supplies and it wouldn't be complete without the studded black boots (also vegan).  I added bright accessories for a pop of color and shades since she's a sun-lover!

For Sayward I did two casual sets as she's a single mom on the go.  This is rather simple, boyfriend jeans with the 'chill' crop tank layered over the blue one with the lace panel to give it that little bit of feminine touch to the outfit without making it uncomfortable toddler-chasing attire.  To this one, I added a cute, bright duffel bag to carry around toddler stuff, though I don't know how large it is, so possibly Waits could even hitch a ride!  It, of course, matches the super cute vegan tennis I found.  Top it off with the 'VEGAN' studded belt and matching aviators for her and the kiddo and there we go!

This is what I pictured for a dressier outfit for her, maybe for a date night!  A cute, floral print vintage dress paired with comfy glitter flats, pearls, and OH GOD I LOVE THAT BOOK CLUTCH, paired with a military-style jacket to give it a bit of edge and personality to offset the lady-like-ness just a bit!

So, there's my ideas for Sayward, who has been an awesome sport in participating so don't forget to check out her blog!  Here's hoping I got somewhere at least relatively close to her style!  >.<

3 more in the series coming up, so keep checking back!




  1. Love, love, love the garter leggings in the first picture. Great outfits. :)

  2. THIS IS SO AWESOME! I love love love it, thank you so much! You totally nailed my style in the description at the beginning. The second outfit is definitely my fave (busted old boyfriend jeans for the win), although that vintage dress is divine and I would probably kill (not vegan!) for it, haha.

    Aww, thank you so much for this, it's such a fun idea, and really sweet. <3

    1. I am so happy you like it, I was if-fy about the dress, but decided to go out on a limb and assume the awesome retro vibe would out-weigh the seems-a-little-to-girly-ness!! :) Been a super fun series to do!

    2. too*****

      That awkward moment when you make a typo that sets off one of your own pet peeves.