Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Stila Merry and Bright Palette Review

*This was a gift from a friend, but opinions are 100% my own

I'm not a neutrals person, usually, but I adore this palette!  I know I already swatched a lot of the things I've been reviewing lately, but I wanted to do a full-review with a back cap on the swatches because I like to use a product for a bit before I pass judgement.  I realize this may leave me a bit behind in trends, but I never cared to be trendy anyway, and I'd prefer to give a good, honest, thorough review rather than rush it and have to come back later and say "you know what, this wasn't so great after all".

This is the Stila Merry and Bright palette, and it is so handy.  It is very convenient to just toss in your bag because the lip color is also for cheeks and the black is so pigmented and opaque that it can be used as an eyeliner in a pinch with a dampened brush.

Not to mention, it is cute as all hell.

The colors are, starting at the top and going clockwise, Chill, Glisten, Joyful, Ebony, Butterscotch, and Molasses.  The lip and cheek color is Lillium.  LOVE that name.  Every time I use it, it gets the song 'Lillium' by Silent Opera stuck in my head, which is an awesome thing!

Here are the swatches again, in case you need a refresher.  The lip color has an amazing formula.  It goes on nicely, is build-able, and isn't stick in the least and doesn't have that odd chemical flavor some lipsticks do.  Sadly, it isn't my color and makes me look rather dead-ish when I wear it, so I usually use it with a cheek color or blend it with a color from the BITE palette.

Chill and Glisten just baaaarely show up in the photos, but they are well-pigmented, just very light and blend in with my pasty arm, but are beautiful on and are light enough to go wonderfully with a retro cat eye.  In fact, I've now used almost all of Chill as I do that look a lot.  You can see from the top swatches that the darker colors are wonderfully pigmented.

This goes for about $20 on amazon with the lip glaze, which isn't bad.  On the Stila website, these palettes are on markdown for 9 bucks which is WHEEE!  They don't have this exact one, but they have several similar ones I'm salivating over, so I'd say definitely worth the value!

I have what will hopefully be a super awesome series starting in the near future, so keep guessing!


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