Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dress the Blogger Part 5 - Conclusion!

First off, this has been really fun, guys.  A huge thank you to SaywardNatalieSian, and Violet for participating and allowing me to potentially wreck their style and embarrass myself in the process!   We went from city-girl-vegan-bohemian-mom-on-the-go, to girly with an edge, to super edgy, to uber kawaii girly!

For those of you who have been wondering how on earth all those styles are similar to my own, I did state in the old about me post, "If I had to describe my style, I'd say its roughly what would happen if a bohemian chick ran into a J-pop girl, then bounced off a drag queen.", and, well, I wasn't joking.  Here's some collages of a few outfits I wear/have worn.  I was, thankfully, able to find some items on Polyvore that are remarkably similar to some of the stuff in my closet, so enjoy!

*You may notice I still haven't gotten the font problems and shit fixed yet, still working on it.  Sorry!

This is something I'd be caught in on any given day in the summer around the house or town.  In fact, *looks down*, this is crazy similar to what I'm wearing today!  I have a hobo bag similar to that one I've carried the ever-loving hell out of, shorts almost identical to those, and several broomstick and gypsy-like skirts, either one of which I pair with t-shirts that I've turned into shredded tanks because it gets fucking hot here, yo.

I also have those engineer boots (different brand, mine are Herman Survivor steel-toed boots) and wear them probably more than just about anything else, but I sometimes pair this look with my black studded gladiator sandals.  I don't usually wear makeup with stuff this casual, but if I do it is a simple retro cat eye with red lipstick.  For accessories, I just grab whatever I have that sparkles the most and matches the print on the broomstick skirt or shredded tank of the day and usually go way overboard on accessories, I'll admit that.

Useless fact:  I HATE to style my hair so usually allow it to let its freak flag fly.  When I do mess with it, my standard go-to look is a small pomp or pouf with the front section and then all the rest pulled back into a ponytail.  (Something else Sayward and I have in common, come to think of it.  I've seen that look appear on her blog several times, lol.)

This is a much girlier set, one I'd wear if we were out at the flea market or lunch or whatnot.  I have a dress very similar to that except mine is a bit dressier has more lace on the bottom and around the bottom of the bust.  I usually pair it with either gladiator sandals, or some brown wedges similar to the ones above, pearls, and a painted bangle, though mine is antique and white with roses.  I have a clutch similar to that one I carry that I hope isn't worth THAT much.  Mine looks like an old copy of Italian Vogue and I grabbed it at a flea market for a dollar!  *.*  For makeup for this look, I'd do doll eyes and lipstick with pink on the outside and a nude in the middle...Not the typical gradient you usually see, but more of a striped gradient blended only on the edges...It does a really cool effect I just love.  This is one of the looks I'd style my hair for, probably a messy, curly updo.

These last two are so similar, I plunked them in together.  These are things I'd wear in the winter.  I collect military coats, so I have no shortage.  The one on the right an older set I made based off something I was wearing that day.  The jacket is similar to a vintage French one I have.  A typical casual outfit for me would be a Vera Wang skirt I found at a thrift store for 50 cents (!!!) paired with a black tee and denim-look leggings, and either knee socks with boots or some red shoes I have that are almost identical to the ones pictured!  I have a red plaid bag almost just like that one I carry fairly often, and I'd pair this look with the retro makeup and pink nails if I wasn't feeling too lazy!

On the left is another outfit crazy close to one I own.  My coat is very old, though, and is...Swedish?  Russian?  I don't remember.  Either way, it is a big love of mine in winter.  The bag I'm currently carrying is a mini version of that one, though I most often carry a vintage military gas mask bag you'll see in my what's in my bag post soon.  I have a dress just like that one I frequently pair with black leggings, argyle knee socks, my chunkiest silver jewelry, 12 pounds of eye liner (give or take), and boots close to those, though mine are the black version of these and I think are Civil War reproductions or something.

So there's my style in a nutshell.  I guess I sort of go from hippie-girly in the summer to military-goth in the winter, all over-accessorized and with a ton of eyeliner?!  A shock even to me, I've never seen it broken down like that!  >.<  Oh well, at least I can find solace in the consistency of the accessories and eyeliner.  And the boots.

Anyway, hope you guys had fun with the series!  Maybe I'll do another one someday!