Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dress the Blogger Part 4 - Violet


Welcome to my new little mini-series, Dress the Blogger!  I love fashion, but since my blog is anonymous, I figured I'd challenge myself and see how I'd do dressing other bloggers!  I hit up my 4 favorite bloggers who have styles similar to my own, (which varies, let me tell you), and am going to create 3 looks for each one and we'll see if I can even get remotely close to anything they'd actually wear.  Big thanks to these awesome women for participating and I hope they like what I've picked!  Since this is all in fun it is budget smudget....If I see something on polyvore I find fitting, it goes on the list even if it is thousands of dollars because everyone can dream, right?

*Note:  I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out how to post from polyvore to here and may or may not have spammed shit like 12 times trying to get it to work, so in the end I just saved then uploaded like pictures and if you'd like to view them on polyvore, there are links provided below each set and there is also, alll the way at the bottom, my polyvore information!  :)

*additional note - you may notice the text color has changed.  It SHOULD have changed through the whole blog, but it refused, so I will be working on that!  I'M SO BAD AT THIS!!

Last, but not least, we have the final blogger, Violet from Violet LeBeaux.  Her blog is packed with adorable craft and beauty tutorials that have given me no end of ideas, I swear half the stuff I make is from, or inspired by her crafts.  She also has some of the cutest clothes I've ever seen and she makes a lot of them.  Stop by her blog if you haven't checked it out, she's started doing sewing tutorials recently so we can all dress like royalty!  (I'll be the one dressed like crookedly-stitched royalty, I'm sure.)  Her blog and Sayward from part 1 are the ones I've stalked for the longest out of the 4, but I can't tell you which came first as I've been following them both for years and found them both around the same time!  (Ah, good 'ol stumbleupon...)  In fact, if I'm not mistaken, I found Natalie from part 3 via Violet's blog and Sian from part 2 from Natalie's blog...Funny how that works!  

*note to self - more coffee before working on posts probably = less bunny trails...

Our style is similar in that I have a love for girly sundress, over-the top heels, tons of makeup, retro style, and anything I can lay my grubby little mitts on that is encrusted in pearls or jewels.  Here's hoping that's enough in common for me to be able to get her style right!  Her descriptions are a tad longer than the others as her look is accessories, Accessories, ACCESSORIES!  And when you think you're done, MOAR ACCESSORIES!!  :)  You may have noticed that EVERY blogger I chose has a love of layering and bright hair - We all have that in common!  :)

On with the song and dance, no?

This first set is based off her ongoing subtle motif of all things nautical which has gotten not so subtle here of late!  When I first found her blog, it was just a nautical-themed nail tutorial once in a blue moon, but lately it is starting to infiltrate her life more and more it seems, so I figured I'd run with it to challenge myself as the closest to nautical style I get, personally, are few vintage military items I've collected, lol.

For this look, I used the same amazing skirt and jacket paired with two different tops - a white tank with more of a classic, retro nautical look and a billowy pirate top for an AARGH! nautical look, so I suppose the choice would depend on how much pillaging Violet plans to do on said day.  Either way, the look is paired with some super cute heels, a blue and white clutch, matching stacked bracelets and rings, an awesome compass necklace, lace socks, nautical hair bows, and some adorable nails...And, of course, I don't think a Violet outfit would be complete without a scarf!  Not sure I've ever seen her without one!  It is like a mini Violet security blankie!  :)

For this outfit, I wanted to mix pastels, but have them all just a bit off from one another to achieve sort of an almost thrifted, shabby-chic look to make it dressy, but casual at the same time.  Think French Country design for people.  I paired some awesome lilac (or is that lavender?) skinny jeans with a pink lace peplum top and added a floral belt and rose brooch.  I included an elaborately beaded peach cardi to match the peach ruffle socks and because - well, it is fabulous!  Also it is like 3 thousand dollars, which goes a long way to explain why Violet makes so many of her own clothes.  I threw in some pink and black saddle shoes for long days of walking and some cute floral heels just in case.  Topped off with the ever-present scarf, tons of floral accessories, and holy shit did you get a load of that bag?!

Outfit #3 is another super-girly one.  You may notice no specific date night outfit here, that is because everything Violet wears looks fitting for tea with royalty!  While I adore her style, just the thought of putting that much into an outfit every.  day.  is sort of exhausting!  For this one, I chose an amazing grey and pink lace dress with a lavender (or is it lilac?) lace shrug, lace stockings, and light blue shoes and bag.  I kept the accessories fairly simple with pearls and bows and cute nails and added lots of sparkly hair combs for being tucked into crazy huge hair!  There is a distinct absence of scarf, though!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the series everyone, and I hope Violet (and everyone else) doesn't think I annihilated their styles too much.  I'll do a wrap-up post tomorrow maybe with a few outfits in my own style included.  Be sure to check out all 4 bloggers if you've missed any and check out their blogs because they are all awesome!




  1. OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE EVERYTHING! I especially loved your commentary, so hilarious! And you're right,I don't think I've ever been anywhere without a scarf XD Holy bajeebus $3000 for that cardigan? I need to get into the cardigan making business!
    Thank you so much for featuring me, this post totally made my day and now I have so many things to add to my shopping/crafting list :D

    1. So glad you liked it all! :) Can't wait to see which items you'll be crafting. Can I take a guess and say the floral belt is on the list?