Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ulta Girl Next Door Palette Review

*This was a gift from a friend, but in no way is my opinion swayed by that.  :)

This one's getting some mileage...

This is the Ulta Girl Next Door palette.  Or quad?  Does it have to have more than 5 to be considered a palette?   Meh.

Either way, I love it.  Especially the top two colors.  The first and third color get used quite a lot as they go with almost any color, any look.

Dry, these aren't impressive and don't have much pigment to them, but wet and over primer, they are very nice.

The second color down, when wet, goes on this gorgeous metallic pastel green.  I've never really seen another color quite like it and this will be one of those colors I'll miss when its gone!

Problem?  I see nowhere to buy this online.  I did get this quite a while back, though, so that could be the issue...Will make me miss the pretty light green even more!!


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