Thursday, July 11, 2013

Urban Decay Stardust Review!

**This was a gift from a friend, but all opinions are my own and 100% honest.  Urban Decay has no idea who I am and I was in no way compensated for this review.

Hello!!  I hope everyone is doing beautifully in whatever it is you're tackling this week.  I've been tackling a wicked evil summer cold, but I've also been working on a few long-neglected, unfinished (or, in some cases, unstarted) craft projects while sniffling, coughing, feeling sorry for myself, and watching Netflix.  Have only finished one project as of yet, but I've been making headway on some that have been just sitting around forever and ever, so be sure to keep your eye on the craft wing for new tutorials soon if you are interested and haven't subscribed or followed it in any way!  I've also been doing some cooking since, damnit, life doesn't just stand still when I get a summer cold, so there will be new recipes coming as well.  :)


I know some of you have been waiting on this review ever since I got the box o' awesome, so I'll just delve right in!

This is Urban Decay Stardust eyeshadow in Retrograde.  The case is cardboard or thick, sturdy paper of some sort, seems durable enough, and closes magnetically.  It is easy to open, yet has never come open on its own in my case or purse.

Shot of the back...I took new pictures since all this came in, so its been be-bopping around my makeup box/bag/bathroom counter because I love this one a lot.

Even when I don't use it, I like to just stare at it because it is pretty...Sometimes I'll be doing my makeup and I'll know I don't want to do purple that day, but I will pick this up, gaze at it, and for a moment consider clashing with or changing my outfit to do purple because...sparkles.

I took new swatches for this review and did them primer-wet-dry so you can see alllll the gorgeous.  This picture captures the way it sparkles in person better than most of the others do.

Over primer, this is a very pretty purple with a nice sparkle, though the sparkle does tend to want to spread its glow and the glitter doesn't all stay put - most does, but there is a tiny bit of fairy dusting onto the cheekbones.  It does take a little layering if you want it to be dark, though, and the fallout of the color itself seems to be worse than the glitter fallout, so you have to be careful and layer it on a bit at a time to avoid a mess.

Wet, this goes on a beautiful, pigmented, metallic purple with a heavy glitter that stays put.  This works great for dramatic looks or a purple and black smokey eye and just glides on when applied.  The pictures do not do it justice.

Dry and with no primer, as you can see in the pictures, is a barely-there lavender with only a few flecks of glitter that hang around.  The fallout in general is pretty bad, to be honest, as with over primer, but it is still a pretty light purple, though this color obviously stands out much better wet or over primer.

These are on sale for 6 bucks - including this color - on Urban Decay's website right now.  I'd say that's definitely worth it, even to my cheap ass, so go get one!  Or a few!  The payoff of the color wet and over primer WAY outweighs the poor quality when dry or the fallout problem.  Especially considering I've yet to come across *any* shadow that doesn't have a bad fallout problem.  I have decent MAC brushes, so I don't think they are the issue.  Does anyone else experience this?

Either way, I do love this stuff so much.  It is lovely to wear, lovely to look at.  In fact, Atmosphere and Griffith are going on my wishlist right now!




  1. most of the shadows I have, even my super expensive Dior ones have fall out. And anything happy and glittery...major fall out. its not just you!

    1. Glad to know...I've read of these mythical products with no fall out, but have yet to experience it for myself. Some are better than others, yes, but perfection? Not yet.

  2. these are definitely worth it! great review :)

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    1. Thank you and welcome! I can see I'll be lurking around your blog, I already see reviews for things I've been wanting to try!