Friday, August 23, 2013

Dr. Bronner's Magic Hair Creme Review

No, your memory is not failing you, nor is it that funny taste that may have been in your drink.  Although, if that actually happened, you may want to look into it.  You may have seen this post before.  In an attempt to make everything easier to navigate for everyone, I am working on transferring all of the old beauty and craft posts from the recipe blog to their appropriate homes on the newer wings.  I'll be only one a day so as not to clog up your feeds, so please bear with all the boring re-caps!

I'll get straight to the point: this stuff is fucking impressive.

I've used about half the bottle and when I run out, I may build a little shrine to it.  This will end up being one of the few beauty products I'm impressed enough with to add to my amazon wishlist.

This bottle is 6oz and goes for about 9 bucks on amazon right now.  I have no idea how much it was in the store because I didn't buy this, it was a gift.  However, I can't tell you how massively worth 9 dollars this bottle is.  It lasts AGES.

The smell is reasonably strong, but I adore it.  Its minty and herb-y and very natural.  And damn does this stuff go a long way.  I have extremely thick hair down to the middle of my back and one pump worked through wet hair is plenty.  Comb this stuff through your hair when its wet, let it dry, and it looks amazing whether you just leave it or whether your straighten it afterwards.

LOVE this stuff, adore it, can not recommend it any harder, will definitely try to get more when I run out.

The Wookie Wifey

**Note, as usual, not paid for this or compensated in any way...100% my honest opinion.

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