Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipsticks - Swatches and Reviews

Time for another great review!  I always love doing reviews like this.  Even though I started the whole 'makeup breakup' name to try to make the shit reviews a bit more fun to do, I still don't care for doing them.  It doesn't bother me as much if the product just isn't for me, but if it is something I feel is just truly shoddy quality, then I don't like to write the reviews!  In the interest of being honest about everything I try, though, I do it anyway.  For, like, all 3 of you who actually read this.  LOL

As per usual, the gorgeous 'EL' embossed onto the tops...

...but in a different color tube than usual!  I do adore that clean white and gold packaging over their normal navy!  So much brighter and happier, yet it still smacks of something a bit luxurious.

The colors here are Pure Color Rose Envy Shimmer Crystal Lipstick (20) and Pure Color Tiger Eye Shimmer Long Lasting Lipstick (86).

While they are both sort of sheer, I also found them to be buildable and they do have a lovely shimmer.

You can see they are a bit darker here after another swipe across.  The Rose Envy is my favorite as it looks very natural on the lip with only one coat, or at least it does for my lip color.  It more gives you this nice flush to your lips instead of an in-your-face color.  While you'd still have to pry my red lipstick from my cold, dead fingers, this stuff has been nice for summer.  When it is too hot to do a full foundation routine without it melting off, you need something a bit more natural as I don't personally care for the look of a super dramatic look with a mostly-bare face.

Pros: They had a super creamy consistency and weren't drying at all, which is a plus!  Consistency and moisture-wise, they rather remind me of my Maybelline Baby Lips, which is a good thing.

Cons:  I didn't find either one of them to be particularly long-lasting.  They're not unusually bad, but they just require a periodic re-application.


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