Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Boscia BB Cream Review (Makeup Breakup)

**This product was gifted to me via a friend - while I appreciate the gift and LOVE trying new products, I don't let that get in the way of providing an honest, objective review since every product is different for every person!

Unfortunately, its time for another makeup breakup post.  *Cue sad music*  I hate writing bad reviews.  I really hate it.  I try to be a positive person (though I fail a lot because...person), so when I find something I don't like I'll usually try it several times JUST to be sure.

This is the case with Boscia bb cream!  I love bb creams and wanted to love this so much that I used it a good half dozen times before I finally gave up on it.  This one was *almost* perfect, what with its sun protection, cute packaging, and good coverage, but the one thing that was wrong with it is a SERIOUS deal-breaker for me.

On the back, it says it creates a "lustrous" finish.  Okay.

When you first put it on, it looks deceptively like a normal bb cream.

Now, it is hard to tell in these photos, but it is "lustrous" because it has freakin' glitter in it.


Not shimmer.

Glitter.  Silver glitter.

If anything, this made fine lines *worse* on my face.  I'm creepin' on 29, so while I do have a few fine lines starting to show in my laugh line areas (damn you, genetics!!), they usually are completely un-noticeable to anyone but myself...Except when I put this on.  I swear, it aged me 10 years, because the glitter that is supposed to create that "lustrous" look actually settles into fine lines you didn't even know you had!

You can see a few sparkles on my hand in most of these photos.  Since my camera doesn't like to pick up shimmer or glitter for crap, then you can just imagine how many there are.

It isn't disco ball proportions, but it is still a lot of glitter...Enough that I kind of felt like 13-year-old me would have swooned.  In this photo, you can even see how it makes my HAND look older.

As you can probably tell from the way it covered the veins in my hand versus the top photo, it does have good coverage.  It didn't break me out and when I'd remove my makeup at night, my skin didn't feel dried out at all, it felt rather like I'd had a moisturizer on it all day long.

Why, when there are loose glitters, shimmer powders, and every other alternative for when a girl WANTS glitter, would you try to force it on us in something as routine as a foundation?

If you like shimmer or glitter in foundations and moisturizers, then this is for you and, due to all its good qualities, I highly recommend it.  Were it not for the glitter, I'd be almost as in love with this stuff as I am my Skinfood.  It just wasn't for me, though.

How about you?  Do you love the glitter and shimmer in foundations and moisturizers trend?  Am I the only one not enjoying this trend and thinking it actually ages you more (or just makes you look ridiculous) instead of giving you that promised, dewy, youthful glow?


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