Monday, September 29, 2014

Kirkland Brushes - Review

Let me start this off by saying that I have precisely zero experience when it comes to what most would consider "good" brushes.  The best ones I've had were Mac Hello Kitty ones that were, according to the website I bought them from a legit, albeit cheaper line, but numerous blogs and review sites either stated them to be total fakes or agreed with the 'cheap Mac line' thing.  I don't know, but I thought they were pretty damn good...Certainly better than the dollar store one I'd had before I got them.

These, however, blew those out of the water.  I'm sure I'd probably just have a 'Guy from Scanners' moment if I ever got a hold of like Sigma or Tarte or the other brands I always hear beauty bloggers and vloggers having total cosmetic-gasms over...So my opinion may not mean much here, I ever in love.

I have actually had this gorgeous set for quite sometime because I wanted to use them a ton before I made a judgement call and even wash them plenty of times so I could tell how they hold up, how the shed, etc.  I am impressed.  These have had little-to-no shedding, even after several washes and have held their shape so amazingly well which is something I can't say for my old Mac(?) HK set.

This is the brush that I love the most though.  This is a dual-fiber crease brush and this, ladies, was a game. changer.  I had no idea how easy a cut crease could be - or that you could do one with just eye shadow instead of having to use eyeliner and then scrape your eyelid off trying to blend it out - until I got this baby.

The angled liner brush is great and super easy to use.  It comes to such a fine edge that I can even tightline with it.  I've tried it with a gel liner and a powder liner and it works incredibly well with both.  I'm still admittedly much better with a traditional liquid liner than I am with this thing, but I'm getting better and better at it due to my staunch refusal to buy traditional liquid liner until I have MASTERED this.

This is a...I'm still not 100% on what this is or how to use it properly.  I *think* this should be used with a powder foundation, but I have no clue.  I wear concealer and powder, but have recently had to give up foundation all together.  It has begun to age the hell out of me.  Lines I can't even see makeup-free suddenly spring to life with anything heavier on my face than a light smattering of powder and concealer on only the most troublesome spots.

Tips?  Tricks?  Help?  :(

Either way, this brush is fluffy and feels great on the skin.  I've used it to buff out my powder a few times, though I don't notice a difference other than that it seems to have a lighter powder coverage than using the powder sponge.  I seem to be totally foundation-routine-stupid for the last two years since I hit my late 20s and my skin has began to change some.

The whole set came in this cute little carrying pouch that has individual places for all of the brushes inside and a mesh zipper pocket to hold extra odds and ends.

The handles and the printing and embossing on them has all held up through several washes.

The only cons I found is that the set didn't come with a concealer brush or a blending brush, but I just simply saved the ones from my old Mac(?) Hello Kitty set.

Although I'm not entirely sure how to use all of them properly, they are such a massively huge step above what I was using before and I am so impressed!  From what I've seen on amazon, you can snag a set of these at a very reasonable price and I would say they are *definitely* 100% worth the money!

What brushes do you prefer?  Do you have any tips for have a smoother foundation/concealer/powder routine for skin that is not yet aging, but just...not exactly like it once was?

<3 WookieWifey


  1. I have brushes from everywhere. Some are bare minerals, some are actual paint brushes, some came with kits, ipsy etc. For foundation I gave up on brushes. I can't use powder foundation cuz they just make me look cakey. So I use my fingers for liquidy foundations. Then finish with a super fluffy brush for powder. My oily skin eats concealer so don't have any tips for that.

    1. I will try applying it with my fingers. I even see makeup artists recommending applying product with fingers now, and when I was a kid I was told repeatedly to NEVER apply makeup with your hands or you'd break out sooo bad. Totally doesn't make sense since its not like I apply moisturizer with a brush, but it is still a mental hurdle, LOL