Friday, September 19, 2014

Manicure time! (

Oh yeah.  Guys, I finally got some of the Fergie nail polishes, thanks to a friend, and I am NOT disappointed at all!

I love the packaging, the heart-shaped bottle, and the cute little 'F' stamp on the top.

I love everything except that stupid new Wet-n-Wild flat 'pro' brush.  That thing sucks, but I guess I have to live with it.  However, I do reserve the right to bitch up a storm every time I have to wrestle with the damned thing.

Anyway, on to the color and mani!!

Fucking love this color.  It comes out somewhere between a hot pink and a bright coral.  I find that three coats work best, though I think I used two here, so you can still see a bit of translucency in the tips, and since it is a neon it dries matte, so you do have to top coat it.

All in all, though, I love this color.  I find it to be very unique since the shade is just...bizarre, but in the best way.  Depending on the tone of your skin, the lighting, or what you're wearing sometimes it looks down-right orangey and others it looks VERY pink, which is cool!

What do you think?

<3 WW

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  1. Oh gosh! That colour is amazing and I love the little butterfly!

    1. Thank you! I got lucky and came across a massive pack of those little polymer manicure pieces for $1! YAY!

  2. Love that color! The Fergie polishes have a great formula, but yes, the brushes are full of suck

    1. Right? Most larger beauty review sites I looked them up on people rave about the brushes, but everyone I've spoken to about it in real life LOATHES them...seems fishy...